Feb 21, 2012

Enjoy the Ride

Life is crazy, without a doubt. No one can argue this simple fact. The madness of our day-to-day details; balancing work and play, managing unexpected drama, maintaining relationships, keeping our commitments, accountability, responsibility, all have the power to overwhelm and cripple any emotionally stable, overwhelming healthy, energetic adult. We all tend to measure the success of our day by determining how well we managed any unwanted tragedies that crossed our path. 

Sometimes we all need a humble reminder, a subtle over-the-shoulder wink, to simply ‘enjoy the ride’. Everything, no matter the proportion, is exactly as it should be, always. Stress won’t improve our situation. Worry can’t accelerate our desires. Fear can alter our outcome. Set yourself free, stay on course, and remain an obedient servant to your soul’s journey.  When we are clear with our intentions and straight forward about our desires there is no need to exhibit one ounce of anxiety in regard to the outcome. The beginning and the end are none of your business, but the journey is yours to enjoy!