Oct 20, 2010

Autumn Pumpkin Harvest

All nuts and seeds are healthy, but Pumpkin seeds are exceptionally good for you. They are nature's own little multi-supplement packed full of iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium, arguably the four most important minerals our bodies need. But they don’t stop there; these tasty little superstars are also a terrific source of protein and the essential fatty acid omega-3.

Oct 10, 2010

Happiness is Contagious

Research shows that surrounding yourself with happy/positive people increases your happiness by 10%. (Comparison: financial freedom increases happiness by 7%, pets 6%, food 4%)
On the flip side, each downbeat/negative friend in your circle can reduce your overall feelings of happiness by 8%. Studies show that happy people live longer, healthier lives and can spread their happiness 3-degrees to friend of friends.
Moral of the story ... Be Happy! and avoid Crab Asses!

Oct 2, 2010

Laugh it Off!

Did you know that when you laugh your muscles relax, stress hormone product is reduced, you forget about pain, your body’s immune system is improved, high-blood pressure is lowered, the heart and lungs are strengthened, and overall, you feel better!
So stop being grumpy, loosen up, and LAUGH AT LIFE!

Sep 26, 2010

6 ways to de-stress your home

Your home is your sanctuary and must be treated as such. A place of safety to decompress, escape and recharge. No matter the size, the condition, the location, or the style, your home can easily be utilized to reduce both your physical and emotional stress.

1. Bring the Outdoors In
Nature has a natural calming effect on the body. Sounds, scents, colors and textures has a healing impact simply by being in your presence. House plants, fresh flower or running fountains can easily sooth. Or even selecting natural fibers for furniture, flooring, and textiles can change the environment of any space.

2. Paint Rooms to Suggest Desired Mood
Choosing paint colors to express the intention of a room can immediately change the mood of any space. Joyful yellows in the kitchen for uplifting spirits and sparking conversation. Cool blues in the bedroom to inspire relaxation. Energetic reds in the dining room for excitement and entertaining.

3. Surround your Senses with Beauty
Inspiring your senses with beautiful things can immediately enhance your feelings of calm. Fill your spaces with things your love and/or enjoy such as art, books, pillows, music, sounds and scents.

4. Set Aside a Room for Peace & Calm
Setting aside a space in your home for reflection, meditation, or just a little peace and quiet, can be one of the greatest influences in reducing stress. By eliminating distractions you are allowing a peaceful internal connection to dissolve any heavy baggage of daily stress.

5. Clear Out Clutter
Keeping your home clear of any additional stresses is a must. Clutter, disorganization and mess only add to the hectic environment of the outside world. Keeping your home clean and refreshing ensures a welcomed and calm arrival to your sanctuary.

6. Display Meaningful Treasures
The sense of a comfortable space is created by adding personal touches throughout your home. Family treasures, heirlooms, meaningful gifts, photos of family or friends, handmade crafts or art, anything that add a personal sense of connection to the ones you cherish.

Apr 12, 2010

Health Benefits: YOGA vs GYM

The most common question I am repeatedly asked is, “Why should I do yoga?”

On the surface this simple questions seems as though it would generate a clear response that would only take a moment of your time, however; yoga is so personalized that the answer, just like people, can be very complex. My most direct response has always been, “Because there is no equal”, but that is only the beginning.

The benefits of yoga are so vast, so diverse, so compound, that there simply is no easy answer to ‘why’. Are you trying to be more healthy, are you an athlete, a beginner, are you nursing an injury, are you trying to lose weight, relieve stress, find community? Yoga satisfies all those and more, dare I say almost everything.

To be more specific I’ll ask what their current means of exercise is. 9 times out of 10 the answer is “the gym”. I have plenty of personal opinions about what I call ‘McFitness’ offerings from your local health club but I’ll save those for another day.

For this purpose I’ll throw up a quick and fun little comparison:

YOGA                                                                           GYM
*Parasympathetic Nervous System dominates                 *Sympathetic Nervous System dominates
*Subcortical regions of the brain dominates                     *Cortical regions of the brain dominates
*Controled dynamic movements                                     *Rapid forceful movements
*Increased muscle tone                                                  *Increased muscle tension
*Low risk of injuring, prevents future injury                     *Higher risk of injury, causes future injury
*Energizing (breathing is controlled)                                *Fatiguing (breathing is taxed)
*Balanced activity of opposing muscle groups                 *Imbalanced activity of opposing groups
*Noncompetitive, process-oriented                                *Competitive, goal-oriented
*Awareness is internal                                                    *Awareness is external
*Limitless possibilities for growth                                    *Plateau with high boredom factor

bottom line, yoga is science that has been practiced for thousands of years. The medical community has gathered substantial supporting evidence on the health benefits of yoga. ( 77 Health Benefits of Yoga ) Most importantly, remember to keep your preferred form of exercise well balanced and the results will never disappoint! See ya in class!