Jan 24, 2012

Hues of History

Almost daily we receive complements on the daring interior design of Sutra. A casual chaotic blending of old meets new, polished corrosion, and refurbished chic, which we have lovingly come to reference as “Deco Punk”.  A major component of this innovative style is Sutra’s color palette, which interestingly enough, has its own unique story…

Sutra’s signature color palette is grounded in the vibrantly attractive Aqua Sky and Deep Wine hues, representing a sense of tranquility in everyday life. The marriage of the rugged exposed brick walls highly contrasted with an explosive blast of energetic tones of turquoise (what we’ve always called ‘funky blue’), and the floors, some parts of the building historic oak and other parts concrete, painted a vibrant and pulsating red, lend the space a sense of creative warm and peaceful edginess.

However, would you believe that these colors may not have been selected by us?

When Sutra first opened in March of 2009 we only occupied the southern half of our existing building, while the expansion into the northern half was not completed until November of that same year. Imagine our surprise when we began removing the layers of forgotten years from the building to discover that an almost identical color palette was used by the old factory in the 40’s / 50’s. Interior walls painted eerily similar to Sutra’s beloved ‘funky blue’ and floors, that once the layers of ceramic and laminate tile were removed,  revealed almost the exact shade of red freshly painted in the southern half of the building. Strange right!?

Coincidence? Who knows. But we were subtly reminded that by keeping an open mind we allow the Universe’s little secrets to be whispered into our ear. Next time you’re struggling with a new kitchen color, ask your house what it thinks, you may be pleasantly surprised.