Jul 7, 2011

Massage is not a Cupcake

Massage Therapy, too often considered a sweet, tasty, indulgence in the realm of health and wellness, where an attitude of spoiled extravagance is draped in terrycloth robes, fuzzy slippers, and magical seashells, is commonly overlooked as one of the most essential tools available for achieving optimal health. Massage, although luscious and delectable, is not a rich and gooey cupcake to be sinfully enjoyed as a rewarding dessert, but rather, in terms of fundamental health, should be treated more like a stalk of freshly grown, organically cultivated, nutrient packed, broccoli. And not hard to chew, overtly rustic, mouth coating garnish of a vegetable, but a crisp and flavorful selection of fresh produce smothered in vibrantly zesty melted cheese, good cheese, nay, great cheese.

The simple fact is, when utilized on a regular basis, therapeutic massage has been proven effective in: relieving back pain, boosting immune systems, reducing anxiety, lowering blood pressure, treating migraines, decreasing carpal tunnel symptoms, and easing post-operative pain. Because massage and bodywork directly, and indirectly, affects every system of the body, it promotes health, prevents illness and injury, and speeds recovery.

So yes, massage is a wonderfully glamorous way to squander a day at the spa, like a gourmet pastry selected from the local bakery’s display case, but this ancient practice of healing must not be confused as a luxury when it is a vital necessity. The power of therapeutic touch must be adored and respected as much as you would your daily multivitamin, your 10 servings of organic veg, or your 32-ounces of filtered hydration. With the vast array of medicinal benefits massage offers remember to enjoy your treatment without the underlying side effect of a guilty pleasure, but as a true means of achieving a most favorable, healthy and balanced lifestyle, sprinkles optional.